Leave to Salsacrazy to produce high-quality dance instructional videos of salsa dancing!

There simply isn’t anything like this available, and there likely never will be. It’s such a massive production, with extremely high production values. It’s truly a labor of love created for salsa dancers everywhere, and especially those who have been patiently waiting since purchasing our Beginning and Intermediate Salsa Dance Mastery System videos.

Salsacrazy, the producer of these DVDs, and known for its high-quality dance DVD products, states clearly that it recommend its Beginning and Intermediate Salsa Dance Mastery System as a pre-requisite to this product. While SalsaCrazy’s beginning and intermediate Salsa Dance Mastery System has touched thousands of dancer’s worldwide, it makes people excellent social dancers from their absolute first salsa dance steps. As massive, and step by step detailed that it is, It could only take people through Intermediate level dancing. This takes aspiring dancers the rest of the way.

SalsaCrazy’s Advanced Salsa Dance Mastery System

6 DVD SET: Over 12 Hours of Dance Instruction

 Over three years in production, the sequel to the best selling salsa dance system of all time is finally here! SalsaCrazy’s Advanced Salsa Dance Mastery System is a massive 6 DVD set for intermediate and advanced dancers. An all new, step-by-step, jam-packed advanced DVD collection. They leave nothing out!

Order Now for only $297 $195 – Free Shipping


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