SALSA LIFTS AND AERIALS – Learn how to do ’em from the best!

Ava Apple, a dance champion, is a native of San Francisco, USA, has been teaching and performing since her teens. A choreographer in Salsa, Hustle, Theater Arts & West Coast Swing, she has been honored for her contributions to the world of Salsa at the 2002 West Coast Salsa Congress and the 2003 San Francisco Salsa Congress. She has taught successful dance students such as Junior and Emily, Ciro and Maryann, Gil and Naomi, Phillip Haymon and others.  As director of the Latin Symbolics she has performed and taught at Salsa Congresses in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong and Ecuador.

David Paris has a vast background in teaching and performing salsa in the US and around the world. Internationally, Dave has taught and performed in the International Salsa Festival in Italy; the World Dance Festival in South Korea; the Salsaweb festival in Canada, and has taught workshops in Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and Equador. In the New York City, he is the founder, co-director, and choreographer for Mambo Theatre Dance Co; former principle dancer and instructor for RazzmTazz dance co; founder, director, and choreographer of RazzmTazz Junior; and a member of the New York City Latin Hustle Lift Team.


salsa lifts

From Volume 1 to 7, you will learn all that is there is to know about tricks, lifts and aerials to improve your dance repertoire. There’s no else compare with this dynamic duo in 7 volumes of instructional DVDs.



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