Popular World Bachata Teacher Releases First Dance DVD Series

World renowned dance instructor Rodchata, famous for his unique teaching and creating a versatile bachata dance style, is releasing his first, exciting, long awaited, instructional dance DVD Series.

Rodchata DVD series features some of today’s hottest bachata moves with song by Bachata Kings of Sweden! From Level 1: Foundations, Level 2: Progressive to Level 3: Fusion, instructions are broken down into simple, easy to follow routines featuring an exceptional teaching system that is carefully designed to successfully instruct all levels of dancers. Whether a curious, beginner or professional, these DVD series are for you as this simple teaching allows everyone to master moves at their own pace. Rodchata’s infectious enthusiasm, positive message, and clear, simple to follow instructions will inspire everyone to learn to dance bachata and have fun too.

To be sold all over on March 2009,  Rodchata’s Dance DVD Series  will be available at online stores throughout the world. Salsacrazy.com, Bachateros.com.au, Rodchata.com and Bachata.biz, are just a few top online stores proud to be Rodchata DVDs exclusive distributors.

bachata dvd

bachata dvd

With over 100,000 subscribers in his newsletter and over 15,000 friends combined at myspace and facebook, Rodney Rodchata Aquino is a popular Latin Dance instructor, writer and lecturer in the world. Solely responsible for popularizing bachata dance in San Francisco Bay Area, RODCHATA, as bachateros intimately calls him, has been in the Latin Dance scene for over 15 years and is considered the foremost authority in the bachata dance.

A certified instructor, his dance background includes Latin International Ballroom, salsa (on1, on2  mambo, and Cuban son, Casino), chachacha, merengue and bachata. His 1st encounter of the bachata dance was in the New York area in the 90’s. He embarked himself into dancing bachata and studying the culture ever since.

He is the founder of the popular Salsagang.com, iBachata.com, Rodchata.com, Bachata.biz and Rodchata.com that produces events such as Reno Intl Bachata Convention, San Francisco Intl Bachata Festival, Latin Hipnosis, Bachata Social SF and Havanisimo events. Since creating Salsagang, he had the opportunity to teach the Latin Dance at big events all over Europe, Asia, Australia, USA and beyond.  Aside from teaching all over the world, he also teaches regular bachata and salsa classes all over the San Francisco Bay Area.


BACHATA RUEDA DVD: Yes, We’re Selling Them!


This is a MUST to get started with Rueda de Bachata. Especially with the Salsa Casineros, you will use this moves, over and over again. Steps are explain individually and in the group. And we added several demonstrations to give you a good picture on how it looks in the Rueda.

● Basic Step ● Pa Dentro y Fuera ● Vuelta al Mundo ● Vuelta Tejana
● La Mecedora ● Dame Una ● Dame Dos

● Pa Arriba, Pa Abajo ● Serrucho ● De Paseo ● Dame la de Atras
● Rebecca ● Roberto ● Dale Vuelta


 Hips On Fire was founded with the commitment to preserve and transmit the traditional Salsa style from most of the Latin-American countries, under the direction of Seemore Johnson and Cristina Pujol. We have been teaching in the New England Area for more than 8 years. We teach more than 12 different Latino Dances, from the most known and popular: Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, including the newest wave Reggaeton, to more traditional like: Cumbia, Cha-Cha-Cha, Bolero, Bolero-Son, … and more autochthonous like Costarrican Swing, Ballenato,etc..


Leave to Salsacrazy to produce high-quality dance instructional videos of salsa dancing!

There simply isn’t anything like this available, and there likely never will be. It’s such a massive production, with extremely high production values. It’s truly a labor of love created for salsa dancers everywhere, and especially those who have been patiently waiting since purchasing our Beginning and Intermediate Salsa Dance Mastery System videos.

Salsacrazy, the producer of these DVDs, and known for its high-quality dance DVD products, states clearly that it recommend its Beginning and Intermediate Salsa Dance Mastery System as a pre-requisite to this product. While SalsaCrazy’s beginning and intermediate Salsa Dance Mastery System has touched thousands of dancer’s worldwide, it makes people excellent social dancers from their absolute first salsa dance steps. As massive, and step by step detailed that it is, It could only take people through Intermediate level dancing. This takes aspiring dancers the rest of the way.

SalsaCrazy’s Advanced Salsa Dance Mastery System

6 DVD SET: Over 12 Hours of Dance Instruction

 Over three years in production, the sequel to the best selling salsa dance system of all time is finally here! SalsaCrazy’s Advanced Salsa Dance Mastery System is a massive 6 DVD set for intermediate and advanced dancers. An all new, step-by-step, jam-packed advanced DVD collection. They leave nothing out!

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SALSA LIFTS AND AERIALS – Learn how to do ’em from the best!

Ava Apple, a dance champion, is a native of San Francisco, USA, has been teaching and performing since her teens. A choreographer in Salsa, Hustle, Theater Arts & West Coast Swing, she has been honored for her contributions to the world of Salsa at the 2002 West Coast Salsa Congress and the 2003 San Francisco Salsa Congress. She has taught successful dance students such as Junior and Emily, Ciro and Maryann, Gil and Naomi, Phillip Haymon and others.  As director of the Latin Symbolics she has performed and taught at Salsa Congresses in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong and Ecuador.

David Paris has a vast background in teaching and performing salsa in the US and around the world. Internationally, Dave has taught and performed in the International Salsa Festival in Italy; the World Dance Festival in South Korea; the Salsaweb festival in Canada, and has taught workshops in Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and Equador. In the New York City, he is the founder, co-director, and choreographer for Mambo Theatre Dance Co; former principle dancer and instructor for RazzmTazz dance co; founder, director, and choreographer of RazzmTazz Junior; and a member of the New York City Latin Hustle Lift Team.


salsa lifts

From Volume 1 to 7, you will learn all that is there is to know about tricks, lifts and aerials to improve your dance repertoire. There’s no else compare with this dynamic duo in 7 volumes of instructional DVDs.



Bachata Dance DVD Intv/Adv


Join Australian International Instructors (Modus Vivendi) Nestor Manuelian and Lidia McMahon for this Int/Adv Bachata DVD. This DVD is suitable for an intermediate/Advance dancer looking to learn more advanced patterns, or an advanced dancer who is looking for a review DVD. This DVD contains patterns that are all “leadable” – you can actually use this stuff on a dancefloor. This DVD is also perfect for a couple choreographing a dance routine. We show the moves from up to 3 camera angles – body, feet and leads so you can see what to do. All moves are broken down for the guy and the girl.


Bachata Mastery System DVDs On Sale

 SalsaCrazy Presents The Complete Bachata Mastery System: All 3 Levels, on three separate DVDs, in our Step by Step Bachata Dance Mastery program.

You’ll never be lost as as Allison and Jesus professionally build your Bachata Dancing from the very first steps, slowly and methodically all the way to an Advanced level.

This is a complete system, and they don’t leave anything out!

Sensual and Romantic, this course covers everything you need to know, and gives you the benefit of countless private lessons, all on three massive DVDs.

Featuring multiple camera angles, picture in picture, and music to practice each and every pattern too, these in depth instructional videos provide an excellent starting point as well as a fun and progressive system that allows you to grow as a dancer, step by step!

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bachata dvd

The Complete Guide to Bachata Dance

Here is your chance to learn and develop one of the most Sensual, Sexy and Fun latin dance! BACHATA

 italian bachataTony & Claudia will take you through the simple basic steps right through to helping you develop a funkier and sexier style.These DVD package is all you need! For complete beginners to advance learning the bachata dance…FREE SHIPPING!

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